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Troubleshooting Your Agent

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If you are having issues running the Postgres Monitor agent, please follow the below instructions to provide agent debug logs to Support.

Restart Agent

Restarting the agent is a safe and easy first step to fix agent issues. You can restart the agent in the Heroku dashboard or through the CLI with:

$ heroku ps:restart -a <agent-name>

Wait a couple of minutes to see if data is reported to Postgres Monitor. If you are still not seeing data, follow the steps below to collect agent debug logs.

Debug Log Level

Run the agent with the LOG_LEVEL set to debug for several minutes (ex. LOG_LEVEL=debug).

For Heroku, you can set this with:

$ heroku config:set LOG_LEVEL=debug -a <agent-name>

Save all outputted agent logs to a file and attach them to an email to

For Heroku, you can save the agent logs to a file with:

$ heroku logs --tail -a <agent-name> > postgres-monitor-agent.log

Please provide any relevant information about your monitored PostgreSQL databases and agent environment.

Remember to set your agent log level back to the default level once finished collecting debug logs.


$ heroku config:unset LOG_LEVEL -a <agent-name>