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The Table Explorer allows you to compare your tables and indexes as well as see the latest schema that is live on your PostgreSQL database.

Table Comparisons

The comparison view shows you the relative size of your tables by both estimated row count and size on disk - as a treemap chart and as a sortable table.

The estimated row count is a live estimate provided by PostgreSQL's table statistics which are updated by the autovacuum process or by running ANALYZE manually. If this estimate varies significantly from what you expect or see in a COUNT() query, you should look into tuning your autovacuum settings for your affected tables.

Table & Index Details

Viewing a specific table in the Table Explorer, shows the currently built table and index schema on your database.

Note: table and index schema state is collected by the Postgres Monitor agent periodically and may be delayed after any DDL changes you make.

The index table shows several notable fields such as unique, unused, invalid and partial.


Whether this index is unique and doesn't allow duplicate entries for the indexed columns.


Whether this index is currently unused since the agent first detected the index. Unused indexes take up additional disk space and slow down inserts and updates, so they should be dropped if there are no plans to use it.


Whether this index failed to build correctly. This is usually caused by a failed build index command with the CONCURRENTLY option due to lock contention or a long running transaction on the affected table.

An invalid index cannot be used by the query planner and should be dropped and rebuilt with the CONCURRENTLY option again.