A better way to monitor and debug your Postgres database

Get real-time health dashboards, query insights, dynamic recommendations and more.

In-depth metric dashboards to visualize Postgres health

Pre-built dashboards for connections, PgBouncer, database cache, tables and indexes.

Monitor server health through load avg, IOPS, memory and disk usage.

Track replica health and replication lag metrics.

Unlock and visualize metrics that are often buried in noisy logs.

Load Average

The average system load on your server divided by number of CPUs

Dig into individual queries and troubleshoot database usage

See automatic EXPLAIN plans for your slowest queries.

Identify your slowest, most time consuming, most called, and slowest IO queries.

Explore historical aggregated statistics from pg_stat_statements for queries.

PII and any other sensitive data is always scrubbed and redacted.

Get personalized, dynamic recommendations about your database

We automatically detect opportunities to free up disk space and improve performance.

Understand when table scans, low cache hit rates or bloat impact your tables and queries.

Easily take action on unused, redundant or invalid indexes.

Get clear explanations of common issues and how to remedy them.




You have14 opportunitiesthat can save up to7.1 GBof disk space on your Postgres server.

Explore table & index schemas

See when tables and indexes were built along with their current state.

Track bloat, scans, cache hit % and more on every table and index.

Visually compare your largest tables and indexes by disk size and row count.

See all table definitions and index columns for your database.

Coming Soon

Receive alerts before a problem surfaces to your users

Use Smart Alerts to automatically monitor your database for common issues.

Set custom metric alerts for the specific pain points you care about.

Detect warning signs before they become an issue in production.

Receive alerts via Slack, PagerDuty, email or webhook.


Pay as you grow

Only pay for what you need. Our core features are available in every plan.

Startup Plan



/ mo

  • 1 monitored server
  • 30 day data retention

Enterprise Plan



/ mo

  • 1 monitored server
  • 90 day data retention
  • Priority customer support

Included in all plans

Server health dashboards

Dynamic recommendations

Query stats (slowest, most called, disk IO, etc)

Slow queries and EXPLAIN plans

Table & index schema monitoring

Alerts coming soon!

Get started in just a few minutes

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